Beauty for real women who want to love themselves

Beauty for real women who want to love themselves

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Yodie is brand manager for Younique cosmetics and a guardian of natural beauty. Her past experience in the plastic surgery industry and witnessing the rise of social media and its disruptive influence, have lead Yodie on a path to help guide women to discover their inner beauty. She loves witnessing the growth in confidence and establishing and maintaining long lasting friendships.

A free consultation with Yodie will help you find what suits you best, and she will offer tips on how to highlight your best features. She will openly share all the insider tricks and secrets of the beauty trade, and customise a programme to personally suit your needs. You can also be introduced to her wider private community of like-minded women who all support the same cause and each other. In addition you'll be able to access the comprehensive catalogue of learning resources, including videos and "how to's", that she has created and built up over time. Yodie updates these every fortnight.

She has a wonderful cosmetics partner in Younique. Younique share her common goal to empower all women to shine and use time effectively by creating easy and efficient systems to follow regularly.

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Interact with these beautiful ladies and watch as they discover their own wonderful looks that are easy to do and recreate yourself at home

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Less is More

Helping shy women to flourish
(with a bit of make-up)

The Secrets of mascara

(everyone has long lashes)

Classic Looks

for special occassions

Tricks with the pencil

and how to make
the most of it

Skin Care

Everything starts here!

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We welcome anyone to join The Blinders Community - a safe place for women to express themselves, learn more about beauty and share a cheeky laugh. The Blinders Community is a private, moderated group and only accepts kind and supportive women. Sign up through Patreon to make a donation to cover running costs. You will then meet the private community, have access to Yodel's back catalogue of resources and participate in fortnightly live video demonstrations and Q&A sessions. You can ask as many questions as you like and continue to grow your knowledge and confidence.

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"You. Yes, you.
Looking at this right now.
You're beautiful.
You are amazing.
Your flaws, they make you beautiful.
They say nobody's perfect,
but to someone out there you are.
You are perfection to them.
Perfection exists.
Perfection, it's when you love something so much
that its flaws disappear.
So even you, thinking right now,
this is true for everyone but me;
You are beautiful, amazing absolutely stunning."